tefutefu butterfly effect

The core of tefutefu is the preservation and cultivation of Japan's cultural heritage done sustainably. We aim to innovate and recontextualize the knowhow that has been passed down for centuries to develop something new, something that would pay homage to our ancient traditions but seamlessly fit into contemporary life.

We also champion the idea of harmonious coexistence and shared culture.

We draw inspiration for our work from all corners of the world. In return, we will foster and bring the best of Japan, from omotenashi-type hospitality to sacred, ancient artisanal practices and craftsmanship, back into the world.

Message from Our Creative Director

Welcome to tefutefu, my labor of love.

As a model, I’ve often had to think about “beauty”. I had the epiphany that beauty isn’t just superficial; there’s a more substantial sense of it in the essence of things that deeply interweaves into our lives. Through my job, I’ve had the privilege to discover this kind of beauty in the handicrafts I’ve experienced firsthand on my travels around the world.

tefutefu was born of my desire to share with the world Japan’s own richness and abundance in meticulous craftsmanship, natural materials, and the unique wisdom and knowhow that has been passed down for generations, through a contemporary lens. As my life’s work, I hope to push Japanese artisanship further into the spotlight to create a butterfly effect in the world.

Hikari Mori