Under the slogan “Energizing Japan”, we aim to convey the unique charm of Japanese culture to people around the world.

By looking at local agriculture and traditional crafts from a sustainable and diversity-focused perspective, we find new value in tradition and put a new spin on those well-founded ideas and objects. We aim to support the creation of a new culture that will lead to the future.

The core of our company’s mission is to show the wonder of Japan, and promote various exciting projects that will make not only Japanese people proud of their culture, but attract people from all over the world to spark and grow their interest in Japanese culture.

Our focus is activities centered on creation.



to spread Japanese culture around the world
 to seek and share valuable Japanese culture
development of new products utilizing traditional craft techniques
product development that takes advantage of the distinct agricultural offerings nationwide
Sales of domestic products and ingredients
development of young artists and support for incubation of small businesses