September 5, 2021       Translated by Kelly Yeun



Made of Plants

Unlike candles made of petroleum-derived paraffin wax, the main raw material in Takasawa candles is vegetable wax. Takasawa candles consist of only the pulp and seeds of plants like the goby, palm, rapeseed, rice bran, and lacquer. It reflects on the Japanese ethos of sharing nature’s gifts while being integrated into modern living.



Organic Form

Candles with a modern, organic form were inspired by Satoyama, Noto 15 years ago. Local plant life serve as the main inspiration for the motif. Nanao Bay is a terrain wherein ships could easily come into port, so it is a bustling area that allows raw materials to be imported from Kyushu. The candles are a cross-cultural mix that combines those raw materials with ingredients unique to Noto.



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